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Do you need pet medications?       Looking to save money by buying off the internet?
That bargain internet price from other sites may not be such a bargain after all.

The EPA has announced that counterfeiters have placed foreign labeled applicator package inserts in counterfeited Advantage and Frontline retail cartons printed to resemble the U.S.

First we hear about all the lead in our toys from other countries. Than we get contaminated pet food from other countries. Now we have counterfeit medications that look legitimate from other countries!

Ask your self this, if only a doctor can buy medications directly from the manufacture, then who does the purchasing for the corner stores, flee markets, and the cheap internet sellers? When is the last time you saw a doctor working at the corner store? Working a booth at the flea market?

In our opinion the best way to help guarantee  you don't get a counterfeit medication is to purchase from a Doctor that purchases directly from the manufacture. This also gives you a chance to ask questions with your Doctor to help insure correct application and dose. You just don't get that from the internet.

Dr. Hahn and House Call Practice For Pets take the safety of you and your family very seriously. We ONLY purchase directly from the manufacture. This way we know the product is genuine and at the highest standard.

Dr Hahn